LEAF Carbon Footprint SaaS with Global aspirations

Leaf is a SaaS platform to measure, analyse, monitor and reduce carbon emissions while maximising the profitability of your business.

Allows you to monitor the results of your carbon footprint management by combining technology and knowledge transfer from our team of experts.

Its robust carbon management platform provides accurate and customised calculations, making it easy to understand and verify emissions. We help companies comply with international regulations and prepare for audits.

Leaf Values

LEAF not only seeks to achieve a Carbon Footprint result, but to establish a management system that seeks at all times to generate a culture of decarbonisation within the company.

Commitment and Impact

We lead the transition towards a more sustainable world, providing innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint.


Integrity is the cornerstone of LEAF. We commit to acting with honesty and coherence, maintaining high ethical standards as agents of change towards a sustainable future.


We foster empathy in our team and in our community. We strive to understand the unique needs of our clients and the environment.

Ignacio Barutta

CEO & Co-Founder

I am Ignacio Barutta and since 2004 I have been supporting companies in the Climate Change Arena. Today, I am focused on empowering businesses towards a low-carbon economy through LEAF. As CEO and co-founder of LEAF Sustainable Innovation since June 2018, my work focuses on providing robust, transparent and simple solutions to support businesses of any type or size in mitigating climate change.

Natalia Drault

COO & Co-Founder

I am Natalia Drault, co-founder of LEAF, with a strong background in management and leadership in national, regional and international organisations. My experience covers areas such as climate change, energy efficiency, environmental impact assessment, environmental risk management, and social responsibility and environmental communication.

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